13 May 2022

Customer loyalty in e-commerce – how is it shaped and how to build it?

Challenges with customer loyalty are giving you headaches? Read about practical tips and increase sales!
1 May 2022

Storytelling – what is it and how to get started?

Platon once said that a man with a story is a man ruling the society. How can you imprint your story in customers' minds?
5 April 2022

Brief – what is it? Why it’s so important, and what should it include?

A brief is a document that lets me understand your business needs and product vision. We can work with out it but read this article for the smooth cooperation.
1 March 2022

How to create a presentation? [A case study]

If you wonder how to create a presentation that will lead the team towards company goals, read this article. A revolutionary narrative memo technique, created by Jeff Bezos, will help!
1 February 2022

Management 3.0 and Human Resources 3.0 – new trends you need to know

Management 3.0 and Human Resources 3.0 is an evolution of business processes management and recruitment. They bring measurable results for your company. Among them is a cheaper and more effective talent acquisition.
31 January 2022

Code & Pepper, my client, and strategic partner, with the second Forbes Diamond award!

My client and strategic partner with a second in a row Forbes Diamond award! Congratulations!
2 January 2022

10 things to remember when creating an online store

Do you wonder how to set up an online store? How to choose between cooperation with a marketplace and your own store? Read the article and decide!
20 December 2021

Summary of my marketing services in 2021

In 2021 I have introduced the market to new and breakthrough marketing services I have pioneered in Poland. This article is a summary of my work in 2021.
Odwrócony mentoring
5 November 2021

Reverse mentoring – what is it and why is it important?

Reverse mentoring is a great way to level the playfield in your company and equip yourself and your employees with knowledge that will boost sales.
1 October 2021

How to increase sales? My practical tips on LinkedIn!

Knowledge, inspiration, practical tips. Every week on my original series #MarketingProTip on LinkedIn! Not only about sales and marketing. Also about branding, optimizing internal processes and more.
Autentyczność marki
1 September 2021

How to promote a brand? Bet on online and offline authenticity

You can promote a brand through effective strategy for the internet, including social media but you have to link it to offline presence. Check proven ways for promoting your brand.
Co to jest content marketing
3 August 2021

Content marketing – how to effectively use it?

Content marketing is about building brand awareness and introducing value to the customer. How to do that?