Customer-Centric Selling

Customer-Centric Selling (CSS) is a sales methodology. In simplified terms, it’s based on running the conversation and the entire selling process in a way that lets the client discover benefits from using the product or services on his own. Thanks to CCS the client sees the value of your proposition and understands that he can meet his assumptions. The process is recurrent and scalable, and offers:

  • A set of recurrent activities in the selling process
  • Consistent placement of the offer
  • Objective evaluation of the selling progress

The methodology on its own is very vast. It is an excellent framework for:

  • Expanding the knowledge and the craft of your salesman – they gain the workshop and the tools for working with the client
  • Giving leaders the entire variety of options – to redefine milestones, sales funnels, scripts for funnels and selling options
  • Implementing a professional selling environment – redesigned processes, tools, playbooks

Thanks to Customer-Centric Selling you gain:

  • Awareness to work with the client in a way that can optimally show and sell the offer
  • Multiple chances for sales
  • Increased number of real, won sales
  • Double-digit increase of average markup
  • Increase of average transaction worth
  • Lower costs of sales support
  • Shorter cycle sales

Customer-Centric Selling is a large framework that is focused on a client. In my work, I use elements of this very vast methodology.