Human resources and employer branding strategy

Everyday life shows that human resources marketing is often overlooked in many companies. The role of the internal expert on human resources and employer branding in creating the overall company’s strategy depends on authority of this person. It’s time to change that!

HR marketing is so much more than hiring people

In a modern company, employer branding serves a higher purpose. HR marketing and recruitment policy are more than the creation of an attractive job advertisement and participation in a discussion – do we hire this one or not. It’s also caring about the company’s image through participation in internal processes, caring about employees, co-responsibility for the company’s financial results. Yes, HR, through hiring the right people and everyday care for their happiness, should also take partial responsibility for financial results. The main responsibility lays on new business managers and marketing specialists but nowadays the whole company works on that.

Employer branding or building employer’s image

It doesn’t matter if someone is working 8h in an office, in shifts, partially or entirely remotely. There’s always some kind of an opinion about the employer. It’s always worth to do everything in our power so that opinion be the best possible.

There are two kinds of employer branding, each with different scope:

  • Internal employer branding – it focuses on current employees. Here we do our best to make people feel comfortable so they can be productive and secure. It’s more than a comfortable desk and a chair, and other tools, necessary for work. It’s about relationships at work, healthcare, benefits, teambuilding trips, and other possibilities to grow.
  • External employer branding – it focuses on potential employees. Here we do our best to show the company to someone that would want to work with us. But that’s not all. We also build employer’s image, so that people that aren’t interested, spread the word to their friends that might want to work with us. It’s not only a promotion through job fairs and taking care of job advertisements on the company’s website. It’s the active market monitoring and searching for talented people and showcasing the firm’s qualities.

Rules of an effective HR marketing

To keep already hired talents and attract the new ones, you have to speak their language. The right language in job advertisements, transparent form, and the right messaging will help you achieve goals. However, the most important of it all is that you know the target group.

What can I do for you?

  • Make and audit of what has been used so far
  • Create a recruitment strategy
  • Create an employer branding strategy
  • Create a template for an effective job advertisement
  • Optimize internal processes
  • Run training and workshops for an HR department