Marketing strategy

Marketing strategies for companies belong to one of two categories – efficient or not efficient. And it is my deepest belief that’s the only way to judge them. One can make a well-designed strategy that is funny and attract potential customers for a while, but in a long run, it doesn’t matter. Does it support sales and builds products, services, and the company’s image or not? This is what truly matters.

The goal of a marketing strategy is never obvious. It can mean a lot of things and it all depends on your priorities. For example, you might want to:

  • build or increase the brand’s awareness
  • increase or stabilize sales
  • increase the range and find new customers for products and services
  • enter new markets

Marketing communication’s strategy

The marketing communication’s strategy needs to be built on three pillars:

  • company’s identity and character
  • the character of a product or a service
  • communicated, expected results

Everything has to be consistent and tailored to individual expectations. No matter if it’s a digital strategy or in the real world, you have to focus on consistency. That’s why I put an emphasis on a holistic approach to the topic. Based on everyday experience, I know that the best results come from the connection of every aspect of the marketing domain.

Marketing, sales, public relations, human resources, and employer branding is one organism. Even if it’s hard to spot at the first glance, all these departments work for the final result. Selling the company and its products to the customer it’s possible when the customer is aware of the values that drive them all. Hiring top talents from the market is possible when all departments collaborate and sales with marketing look like two sides of the same coin. Closely tide-up teams, under one leadership. A lot of leaders don’t think that way – the knowledge and competencies are dispersed, dispersing efficiency, and responsibility.

Marketing mix strategy is what works the best. The most popular is the one called 4P – product, price, place, and promotion. It’s the whole variety of tools used by marketers, that makes the difference. There’s also the 4C strategy – customer value, cost, convenience, and communication.

It’s only the theory. In everyday life, fancy phrases don’t work. It’s the plan and execution that brings you money.

What marketing strategies for firms are really effective?

The best results come from creating everything as a consistent set of solutions. This is about branding or rebranding and at least some of the skill set I have to offer. But if you don’t want to make a revolution and minor or bigger modification what already works is on your mind, this is surely an option. Then we can use a toolset specific for this one area.

Focusing on product naming, creating proper pricing, discount, and promotional policy, also is possible. As well as choosing the right marketing channels and communications (marketing copy, graphical visuals).

Marketing strategy on the internet is now a must

I can help you in both – digital and traditional marketing but you are surely familiar with the famous “who’s not online is invisible or dead” phrase. No matter if you run a small company with local craftsmanship or are responsible for the financial results of a big corporation – customers are looking for information about your firm through different channels, and internet is the base for all search. Internet should always be an important part of the marketing mix strategy.

Alongside my associates, I can do a lot to help you.

What can I do for you?

  • Audit of an already existing strategy and SEO recommendations
  • Design and implementation or creation supervising of a holistic marketing strategy
  • Creation or arrangement of sales, marketing, and other internal processes
  • Creation of a pricing, promotional, or product naming strategy
  • Graphical materials, promotional videos
  • Creation of a brand hero
  • Ongoing marketing consulting
  • Training and workshops for your employees in the marketing department