Writing copy for demand is something I do for 20 years. I have started as the head of a regional branch for a non-government organization. I was 16 back then.  I was, among others, a publisher of our webpage. When I was making a Bachelor’s degree, I have published a book for journalism for students and high school graduates. Also on demand; the publishing house came to me and made an offer.

Copywriting for firms

I can write almost anything, in Polish and English. Privately I’m am a person with a T-shaped personality, plus I read and write enough (which is a lot) to maintain quality and deliver on time. The shortest time I have delivered a text was 2 hours. For more complex and demanding materials I need a little more time. If you are in a hurry, I can write a text even on the same day or the day after. Usually, high-quality material takes me 2 – 3 days.

Writing texts on demand is a process. If you want to hire me for running a company’s blog, for a one-time deal, or ongoing cooperation, I will need:

  • the definition of a target audience
  • the business justification for what I’m doing (how will that help your company?)
  • information on how the text will work with other materials you already have (do we run with the current direction or try something new?)
  • if my knowledge and research are not enough (complicated product, a prototype, requirement for extensive domain knowledge in some field, etc.) – necessary materials needed to write a text

Writing texts on demand

My price covers every single started, normalized A4 page. I never settle the account based on the number of characters. Add that to the fact I don’t have an hourly rate and you can be sure that I take care of your project, not my clock.

Writing texts on demand is my thing! I’m very versatile and I can write a text on virtually anything.

What can I do for you?

  • Make and audit of what has been done so far
  • Create a complete content strategy and create a publication calendar
  • Create and run the company’s blog
  • Write blog posts, create landing page copy and content for other formats and channels
  • Write and consult sales email copy
  • Create highly professional articles for magazines and internet websites (business, company scaling, new technologies, startups, pop culture, movies and tv series, video games)
  • Build and train the content team
  • Run training and workshops for the content team
  • Help run an SEO audit, help in ongoing SEO efforts