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Cookies are little files, created and stored on a user’s computer, tablet or smartphone while browsing an internet page. A cookie usually stores the name of the website that generated it, information about its „cycle of life”, and randomly generated, unique number that allows for browser identification that was used to visit the website.

Why and for how long this page uses cookies?

I gather cookies anonymously, to have statistics that inform me how people use this website. Cookies allow me to introduce new functionalities and offer new, interesting content on the website. Using cookies does not allow for the identification of the users.

The cookies’ lifespan on this website can be temporary (while you are browsing) or permanent (they stay on your device unless you remove them) in nature.

How can I change cookies settings or remove them from my device?

A majority of internet browsers are set in default to automatically accept cookies. You can change the settings of the browser to block cookies – entirely or in some part. You can also receive information whenever cookies are sent to your device. Remember though, that if you decide to block my cookies, it can negatively impact the comfort of using the website. This action will prevent me from gathering anonymous information about the usage of this website and ways I can improve its contents.