Created shared value


A global village is not only a market of mutual exchange of services and selling goods. I believe it’s mostly about shared responsibility. Today you can’t run a business without an ecological state of mind, good treatment of your employees, and business scaling aiming to lift all boats.

A corporate social responsibility (CSR) can’t be limited to a few paragraphs on company’s webpage. What is needed are real actions. Responsible production processes, friendly employee experience, and  recruitment, conscious and structured internal processes. The world we live in is a system of connected vessels, and we are all interconnected and co-responsible. The business has to take at least some of this responsibility for designing the future – economy and socially-wise.

These are not big words at all – it’s a necessity. I believe  and support companies that create real value, and teach those that have not embraced this framework. I believe in leaders that have audacity and ambition to change the world, and support them. That’s why I participate in initiatives promoting created shared value and increase the entrepreneurs’ awareness, so they can join others, owning that knowledge.

Parts of created shared value are for me:

  • Production processes and at their least neutral environmental impact
  • Processes of product design and zero waste philosophy
  • Services like mine, promoting awareness and responsible business
  • Internal processes in companies, aimed at not only business effectiveness but also customer experience and employee experience
  • Processes of business intelligence, growth hacking, and business foresight

If you want to make a market success, look holistically, just like I do. If you want to gather the best talents on the market and you expect employee loyalty from them, create not only excellent working conditions but give them a reason to dedicate their time and effort on a daily basis. Not necessarily by coming to the office every day, remote work is a great achievement of the 21st century, although face-to-face meetings build deeper relations for sure.

We have to start with deeper relations to create value – for the client, employee, business partner. My #DreamingWideAwake slogan means exactly that – functioning and offering services in late capitalism that can look a little different. It’s a fresh and realistic  view for modern challenges. I will describe this  view in detail on my blog – visit it regularly for inspiration and knowledge!

New generations of clients and employees are not all restitutionary – they are simply demanding. If you want to reach the wide market with your product, if you want to hire the best, you can’t afford to stay in the shadows while there are massive business and social changes out there. Call me, send an email – consult your business strategies or order the design of new ones. Act on it!