Business consulting for B2B and B2C

Business consulting – some company owners and managers have a strong reservation about it. In many cases, experiences do not match expectations. Especially if it comes to external consultants who were supposed to help, but made a mess instead. I’m not a person that enters a company, create new names for departments, alongside fancy PowerPoint presentations. I know it doesn’t suppose to look like that.

Business consulting for companies in practice

To help efficiently, I need to know about your company as much as you can tell me. Everything you’ll say will stay between us. I don’t have a problem with signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) – I have done so many times in the past. This document forbids me from revealing any conditions about our cooperation, sometimes even the very fact of cooperation. The second thing is not entirely comfortable for me (because I can’t inform anyone about our deal, on my website for example), but the first one is completely natural.

If you contact me the first time, it would be best if you already have a complete list of what needs to be done and why. Don’t worry, if making a complete list of challenges is not possible for some reason. We will get there together, that’s my job anyway.

Business consulting will be efficient, if early on, after signing a contract, I will have knowledge about:

  • your company – a spectrum of expertise, operations, short-term and long-term goals
  • market conditions (law, industry specifics, etc.)
  • your products – what need do they satisfy, how they are made, and in what way
  • your services – what need to they satisfy, why are they design the way they are, how they are perceived by customers
  • internal and external company processes and relations with suppliers, consultants, other business partners, outsourcing partners
  • business and pricing models
  • competition (rivalry history, strong suits, and weak points, products and services)
  • how you perceive your own company – its market offer, strong suits, and weak points

My business consulting for companies means measurable benefits

No matter if you choose business consulting online or decide on full-blown on-site help (my day-to-day presence in the company, workshops with employees), I offer my services. It translates into real benefits:

  • creation of a new brand or polishing the image of an already existing one
  • increase of an operational profit with minimized costs
  • real sales increase
  • increase in company’s market competitiveness
  • increase of customer and business partner satisfaction
  • decrease in employee turnover
  • decrease the time needed to hire new talents and optimizing costs of the recruitment process
  • forwarding managers from operational tasks to more strategic ones – relief in duties and optimization of tasks
  • the creation of new or optimization of already existing processes

Business consulting online

You don’t have to invite me to the company, not right away. Sure, I can work with you on a daily basis, optimize the company, do the workshops, and training for employees. For managers and teams. But if you need consulting on a smaller scale, we can arrange business consulting on the internet.

I consult on all previously mentioned cases. I also help in the range of my expertise, that you can find on this website. Cooperation lasts for as long as you need. We can talk for an hour or more and go through the challenge that you’re facing. Our cooperation can be extended and take the form of internet meetings or full-scale help in your company, with my physical presence. Everything depends on your individual needs.

I offer business consulting for companies on all stages of growth

No matter what place are you at, I’m able to help.

What can I do for you?

  • Consult on the process of establishing a new company – build a business with you, all the way up from the ground
  • Help, if there are obstacles of any nature
  • Stabilize the situation, when the company goes through organizational or ownership changes
  • Design processes and the whole thing, when you plan a change in operational, marketing, or any other strategy
  • Build a strategy when business scaling is needed
  • Help, when there’s a need for optimization of internal or external processes
  • Introduce a new product to the market or optimize current operational or marketing strategy
  • Help introduce the company to the new market and give some hints (I consult when it comes to a few countries)