Public relations strategy

Public relations (PR) can be internal or external – directed towards employees or customers. The lone fact that the recipients of this communication are different, impacts the set of tools that will be used. Methods, tools, the level of thinking – all is different. Both types of communications are crucial for today’s organizations and impact, respectively, the level of satisfaction at works and operational effectiveness, and external company’s image. Not to mention revenue.

How does the PR strategy should be designed?

I don’t believe in universal solutions. It’s the same for both marketing and PR strategies – different companies require a different approach and things that will work. The PR strategy is not a set of rules – it’s more like a frame that has to be tailored for the organization’s identity, its image (or wanted image), and products.

Internal communication strategy

A growing number of companies, even smaller ones, create an intranet – an internal internet for employees. They also regularly communicate with them via email, etc. It definitely and positively impacts information flow, optimizes processes, builds atmosphere, and organization’s transparency. The brand’s communication strategy should be implemented internally as well, to optimize the daily workload.

Crisis communication – extreme type of brand’s communication strategy

When there’s a crisis and people don’t trust the brand, then all hands on deck. In these types of situations, it’s good to seek outside help. As an external consultant, I will have a fresh view of the situation. Plus, I won’t be a part of social arrangements and internal power struggles.

A crisis can have many sources. It can have roots in false accusations or unfair market competition. It can also be driven by wrong actions inside the company or lack of quality control. Or at least failure to comply with internal quality control rules.

A crisis can also be internal or external in nature. Just like public relations, it can be focused on internal or external clients. “Putting down the fire” can man talking to employees, stabilizing investors’ or customers’ approach to the brand, or all of the above.

Don’t wait, act!

What can I do for you?

  • An audit of an already existing public relations strategy
  • Design and implementation of a new internal or external communication strategy
  • Analysis of potential crises
  • Analysis and neutralization of an already existing situation
  • Design and implementation of brand rescue plan – image protection and reputation reconstruction after the crisis
  • Media training for company’s spokesman