Subscription-based marketing services

The most important for me is agility and response to your individual needs.

I offer marketing subscriptions tailored to your needs. You can pick a single service from my price list and competence set. I will help you in any way you want, as long it’s on my website. You can also decide to work with me long-term and buy a marketing subscription. This marketing outsourcing service and price list I offer gives you agility when it comes to needs and cooperation. You can tailor the model to support your current situation.

Why it’s worth outsourcing marketing processes?

  • You can optimize employee costs.
  • You can relieve your team and get them focused on other tasks.
  • You give tasks to a professional. I won’t think about the way the task should be done. I will simply do it.

A price list for subscription-based marketing services

Below there are three options tailored for different needs. Pick a package that suits you best. If you can’t find the option with services you need, contact me. Together we will find an individual solution – we will add the service to the subscription you are interested in. For example – we can link a silver and a golden subscription or create a different model of cooperation. For example, the one that includes services of my designer, SEO agency, or my technological partner.

Naturally, you can also skip all subscriptions and order a one-time, single service. Just choose what you currently need the most.