2 May 2021

My article in the May edition of “SME Magazine”

What taxi built on spare parts has to do with transplants? Why a mistake on a coffe cup is worth millions? Find out by reading my article about 10 ways for smart marketing. It’s here (Polish only), pages 42-44. Here’s the cover: Enjoy the read!
1 April 2021

My article in the April edition of “SME Magazine”

Why you should always photograph products on the right-hand side? What is whitespace and why it’s important? These and few other questions have their answers in my newest article about psychology of conversion on the internet. The article (Polish only) is here, on pages 66-67. This is the cover: Enjoy the read!
1 March 2021

My article in the March edition of “SME Magazine”

This time, few practical tips about SEO. Search engine marketing is key to promote your products and increase range of the brand. How to do it right? The article is in the newest edition of the magazine for small and medium companies, on page 60. The cover: Have a great read (Polish only)!
17 February 2021

My article in the February edition of “SME Magazine”

How can you present options to the customer? How to display price, different kinds of products, whole segments? How to do this on the website, how in retail? Is there a difference? These challenges are addressed in my newest article about directing consumer choices. The article itself is on page 38, here’s the cover: Read […]
10 January 2021

My article in the January edition of “SME Magazine”

How to price your products? Do you know that a coma or a number of syllables count? Read more to know how to price your work! You can download the free issue here. The cover: Enjoy the read!
1 December 2020

My article in December edition of “PMI Zone”

Would you hire a lazy person, a deadbeat? Or maybe a rebel? What about a person with the devil’s advocate mentality? No? Too risky, too controversial, too annoying? I bring personal experience, psychology, and business studies that show there’s actually a method to this madness. And it’s greatly documented in both research and experience. The […]