Pop culture and video games

I have been  a video game fan since 1999. I know all there is to know. I have written  dozens of articles for three major Polish magazines (Gramy!, PSX Extreme, Gamer). I wrote not only about games per se but for the most part about video game culture. I have analyzed market trends and   have been one of the precursors of writing about the games holistically – presenting thebusiness side and analyzing trends. I  also have been a scriptwriter for three video games.

I play and write about all video game genres on almost all modern platforms (that came out after 2000). I’m also a fan of retro.

Additionally, I’m  a big fan of books, movies, and TV series. My list of viewed movies is 5000 long and going strong with each passing year. I have also watched hundreds of seasons of TV series.

What can I do for you?

  • Create or improve  the video game script (any given genre)
  • Create a “silent review”. Made before the title launch, it points out areas that needs improvement and predicts market reactions, as well as journalistic aproach to the game and final verdict.
  • Create a script for a promotional movie, trailer, teaser
  • Create a marketing strategy for video game
  • Consult for a video games studio in terms of marketing and content
  • Write content for industry magazine or digital source