Content strategy

I work in marketing for 20 years. In this time, I have created hundreds of articles and blog posts – under my name and as a ghostwriter. I have worked in sales, marketing, and PR departments, built my own teams, create content on my own, cooperating with freelancers. Mainly in technological companies but I’m flexible and can work for any industry. Creating content is very easy – I take pleasure in it. I know the pace and the pressure journalists and marketers have.

Content marketing – efficient strategy wins

You can’t build a company’s or product’s image or achieve any marketing goals without the content. It can be a landing page or a company’s blog. It can be an internet page, copy for sales email, a flyer, industry exhibition materials. Anything and everything. Content marketing should always be tailored to the industry, product, and circumstances.

But the content itself is not enough. The content strategy should also involve distribution. The famous “Content is a king but distribution is a queen” exists for a reason. Content marketing and strategy are two sides of the same coin. What channel should we use for content distribution? What rules do they have on this channel? What are good practices, what are things to avoid? As a person who has vast content marketing experience and have worked for many companies, I can help you with that as well. 

Creating content

You have to start by knowing the target audience. Creating a buyer persona help tailor the messaging for people that want to experience it. It can be a person that visits the webpage with the intention to buy the product. It can be a person who just compares. Finally, it can be someone who is 99% sure that he or she is going to be but still looks for choice confirmation.

That’s why I highly recommend making sales and marketing one department. A marketing specialist attracts prospects and then a business manager takes over. But the client that buys is of course one. A marketing funnel is something different than a sales funnel but both are directed at the same person. A company or a person with precise challenges, needs, and expectations. You have to support this individual to not only buy but also became a returning and loyal customer.

Exactly – support. Not steer or direct. To make the marketing strategy successful, you have to:

  • attract attention and build brand’s or product’s awareness
  • match the content to the stage the audience is on (see below)
  • maintain the attention through matching and giving the audience similar content that can generate further interest
  • engage the audience with a steady delivery of quality content

Stages of the content funnel

ToFu (Top of the Funnel) – the top of the funnel. Starting level. Here we show the audience that there is a solution to the problem.

MoFu (Middle of the Funnel) – center stage. Here we help the client by comparison of multiple choices that are available on the market.

BoFu (Bottom of the Funnel) – lower stage. The last stage where we prove to the client that your solution is the best.

Content marketing is a growth strategy! The format of the content comes secondary – what counts is to address the audience’s needs.

What can I do for you?

  • Make and audit of what has been done so far
  • Create a complete content strategy and create a publication calendar
  • Create and run the company’s blog
  • Write blog posts, create landing page copy and content for other formats and channels
  • Write and consult sales email copy
  • Create highly professional articles for magazines and internet websites (business, company scaling, new technologies, startups, pop culture, movies and tv series, video games)
  • Build and train the content team
  • Run training and workshops for the content team
  • Help run an SEO audit, help in ongoing SEO efforts