Scriptwriting and creating advertising scripts

Advertising script is one of the cornerstones of visual arts. A dozen or several dozen seconds to convince the audience that your product is special and it’s worth spending money on it. How to convince people to do just that?

Script for advertisement is an art

Or at least can be. The answer to the question is – it depends. There is no single way to do things, just like there are multiple products on the market. There is no perfect audience – even people in the same target group are different from each other. One person can be influenced by a repetitive message about a low price. Another person might be enthusiastic about the format of the advertisement and the form itself; one, that only points to the product and doesn’t try to convince at all. The third might be happy about clever humor, understatement, wordplay.

It all depends on the author and the company that wants to promote a product. And even before, it all depends on professionals working on market research and delivering the data necessary to create a script. The final form of it is a result of multiple factors.

Writing script for movies

I can help you by writing a script for an internal company movie or a promotional spot. Or for industry fair. Or for a case study movie. In other words – you say what you need, I write. Writing a script is a process, that’s why I will need:

  • information about a company and a product
  • data about the target audience
  • information about emotions the movie should bring, how engaged has to be the audience
  • information in what stylistic the movie will be made
  • information about the time of the movie

No matter if it’s an advertisement or corporate movie, one thing has to be constant – the movie should be engaging. The best and most ambitious ones tell a story. They avoid mere camera rundowns through corporate corridors, showing rooms and people that are always smiling. A potential employee and a potential customer expect authenticity. No matter what path should you choose, I will write a script for it.

What can I do for you?

  • Write a radio advertisement script
  • Write a TV advertisement script
  • Write a promotional video script – for internal purposes, for industry fair, etc.
  • Help with storyboards for movie