Business scaling

What is business scaling? Every organization enters a stage, where growth is both a chance and a challenge. You have to scale it – design its growth in a secure way. You need money for current operations and investments in innovations.

Important detail – scaling in business should be based on increasing income without increasing spending on operations or production costs. If it takes place while operational costs are higher, it’s not scaling but mere growth. I can help you as a growth hacker or as a person who will design and implement business scaling processes.

Business scaling covers:

  • scaling of sales
  • scaling of services
  • creating new or optimizing existing, in-house processes
  • ensuring a stable flow of income, so the company is stable and brings predictable receipts

Is business scaling necessary?

If you want to have a bigger firm, with predictable money flow and the business itself is ready, then the answer is yes. If the current state of business is acceptable and the smaller scale is OK, then the answer is no. Everything depends on your goals, ambitions, and the type of business. Sales scaling or services scaling looks different in each case. In a company that has 100 employees and the potential to have 200 in a year or two, there will be different processes than in a company that has 20, wants to have 50, and nothing beyond that. Everything depends on what priorities the owner has, what is the character of operations, what is the nature of the product or the service. Finally – what financial capacity is there to work with.

Sales scaling and services scaling – how to start?

For starters, think about your goals – what do you want to achieve and in what time frame. Prepare for a conversation about the future of your company and tell me about:

  • challenges that limit or even block the growth
  • the most important needs that you want to take care of
  • ambitions and plans for the future
  • plans about revenue diversification
  • activities you have already taken in the areas of sales scaling and services scaling

How to scale a business?

Only the long-term strategies and investments in innovations guarantee the survival and development of your company. Naturally, the market is tough and unpredictable, that’s why the strategy is created for two years and updated according to recent developments and current needs. These types of actions work best if are inscribed in a wider context.

I believe in long-term strategies and will build one for you.

Long-term perspective for your company means:

  • a solid foundation for years or even decades and generations when it comes to succession in the company
  • a framework for the sales, marketing, public relations, human resources, and employer branding departments
  • a guide-post for all upcoming operations and tasks for your industrial designers, salesman, marketers, employees, and subcontractors to follow
  • consistent values and image
  • a consistent product and service offers
  • a magnet for the best talents on the market and a reason to stay for already employed
  • lower costs for future recruitment, „selling through the brand”
  • company succession – the next generation will be managing the brand’s legacy, as opposed to designing it from scratch

You can achieve market success by having:

  • a clear and precise company’s mission and vision
  • products and services answering real client’s needs
  • internal processes allowing for effective operations
  • a communication strategy based on real benefits
  • storytelling that will translate communication to sales
  • people that will believe in your vision, mission and will support you on the way to success

I help achieve business goals – increased sales, lower costs. I create a brand’s image.
What can I do for you?

  • Scale company based on long-term goals and strategies
  • Prepare marketing strategy
  • Create communication and content strategy
  • Make audit of previous strategies and processes
  • Consult online – telco
  • Lead holistic training for approaching business and created shared value (CSV) for company owners, managers, marketing, human resources, and employer branding divisions