How do I work?

I specialize in helping technology companies, but I offer my services to all kinds of companies.

When cooperating on your project, I focus mostly on value I can give you personally as a business owner or manager and the company itself. I believe that everything starts with a leader and ends with him. Thanks to the  leader, a company achieves successes, and it’s his responsibility to have a proper structure and processes in an  organization.

I approach each client’s needs individually and create a strategy to fit individual challenges. It’s not only about the pricing. It’s very important that I know all about your business challenges, analyze the situation in the company, your industry, business environment, competition. Before I started to work on your project, I  did  initial research, and then, I listen deeply and actively. Instead of talking.

I work not only for commercial companies but also for non-government  organizations.

I offer two models of partnership:


After the initial analysis, I come to your company and know it better. Then I create a complex, holistic strategy, rounding up topics from marketing, branding, content, human resources, employer branding. I also perform training for holistic approach to business and created shared value (CSV) for CEOs, managers, Heads of Marketing, Content and HR.


We can schedule a time for a telco. I will make an initial audit and talk about your current marketing strategy, branding and content. I will recommend changes – either we end our conversation here or move along to live cooperation and the creation of a full marketing strategy or training for a manager in your  organization.

How does the partnership look like?

Clients have the final say

We are delighted with the cooperation with Jarek. He and his graphic designer Tomek did a great job refreshing our sales catalogs. We are sure we want to move forward and work on other marketing projects with Jarek, including revamping our website. 

Daniel Wysocki, CEO at Ecomax

Jarek was pivotal in creating a marketing strategy for our company. He helped us make it and develop a marketing and communication strategy. He also created a content marketing strategy, as well as dozens of content pieces and articles.

Jarek was invaluable in the process of scaling the brand. He was a driving factor behind multiple actions and ideas. This guy has a perfect skillset for it!

Adam Pogorzelski, Co-founder at Code & Pepper

Jarek is a specialist with knowledge, passion, and dedication to delivery. Thanks to him I was able to transform my team.
Jarek has done his work in 8 months – a similar workload usually takes us 14 months. Jarek armed Product Managers with the mindset and content necessary to sell products and promote our brand. He’s a pleasure to work with!

Steve Brown, Director of Executive Communications, Cadence

We have ordered from Jarek 72 articles and gave him a short deadline. The entire order was ready way ahead of schedule and was unique and practical for our clients. Jarek has a unique view of a company, it’s very integrated. His content is not only a great marketing communication vehicle but also a very important branding, and user’s education element.

Michał Wojciechowski, CEO, iPresso

I approach each client’s needs individually and create a strategy to fit individual challenges.

The support doesn’t end with fulfillment of the contract.
After created and implemented strategy or finished training, further consultations are possible. I will happily help you further and answer your questions.

Do you have a project for me? How can I help you?