How do I work?

I specialize in helping technology companies, but I offer my services to all kinds of companies.

When cooperating on your project, I focus mostly on value I can give you personally as a business owner or manager and the company itself. I believe that everything starts with a leader and ends with him. Thanks to the  leader, a company achieves successes, and it’s his responsibility to have a proper structure and processes in an  organization.

I approach each client’s needs individually and create a strategy to fit individual challenges. It’s not only about the pricing. It’s very important that I know all about your business challenges, analyze the situation in the company, your industry, business environment, competition. Before I started to work on your project, I  did  initial research, and then, I listen deeply and actively. Instead of talking.

I work not only for commercial companies but also for non-government  organizations.

I offer two models of partnership:


After the initial analysis, I come to your company and know it better. Then I create a complex, holistic strategy, rounding up topics from marketing, branding, content, human resources, employer branding. I also perform training for holistic approach to business and created shared value (CSV) for CEOs, managers, Heads of Marketing, Content and HR.


We can schedule a time for a telco. I will make an initial audit and talk about your current marketing strategy, branding and content. I will recommend changes – either we end our conversation here or move along to live cooperation and the creation of a full marketing strategy or training for a manager in your  organization.

How does the partnership look like?

Clients have the final say

Jarek is a specialist with knowledge, passion, and dedication to delivery. Thanks to him I was able to transform my team.
Jarek has done his work in 8 months – a similar workload usually takes us 14 months. Jarek armed Product Managers with the mindset and content necessary to sell products and promote our brand. He’s a pleasure to work with!

Steve Brown, Director of Executive Communications, Cadence

We have ordered from Jarek 72 articles and gave him a short deadline. The entire order was ready way ahead of schedule and was unique and practical for our clients. Jarek has a unique view of a company, it’s very integrated. His content is not only a great marketing communication vehicle but also a very important branding, and user’s education element.

Michał Wojciechowski, CEO, iPresso

I approach each client’s needs individually and create a strategy to fit individual challenges.

The support doesn’t end with fulfillment of the contract.
After created and implemented strategy or finished training, further consultations are possible. I will happily help you further and answer your questions.

Do you have a project for me? How can I help you?