My story

I have three personal heroes:

Martin Luther King, Dr. Max Goodwin from the New Amsterdam hospital, and a befriended journalist.

The first one is dead. He was a master of the fight for social justice.

The second one does not exist. He is a fictional character from the medical TV series ‘New Amsterdam’. The plot is inspired by true events, though. The show is telling a story of an impact on the oldest public hospital in the USA (Bellvue Hospital in New York), made by his chief, Dr. Eric Manheimer.

The third one is dead as well – for 20 years, he was my role model for everything related to journalism. I’m not mentioning his name because I don’t want to have him associated with marketing.

All these people, despite different walks of life, have one thing in common  – they inspire others. .

Martin Luther King started his most famous speech with ‘I have a dream’ phrase.

Dr. Max Goodwin has a catch-phrase that the show begins with and is regularly present in all seasons: ‘How can I help you?’

My role model did not have a catch-phrase but valued decency and contact with relations with another human being. His magazine was and always will be a benchmark for relations with readers for the entire press market in Poland.

Why these three inspired other people? They told them stories. Martin Luther King was not a politician but changed the political landscape. Dr. Max Goodwin was not an accountant, but thanks to patient-centricity and caring for their needs, he helped heal not only thousands of souls but also hospital finances. My journalistic role model created a magazine with a deep and personal connection between the staff and readers, unintentionally creating a publishing and business standard for his market niche.

Hi, my name is Jaroslaw Scislak. I’m a political scientist, journalist and social communication expert by education.
I tell stories and build brands image for a living.

I believe in concentration on customer’s needs (customer-centricity and Customer-Centric Selling) and approaching problem solving involved in  product design based on understanding the needs of a single user. I also believe in finding ways to meet those needs (Design Thinking).

When I was 16, I was a Division Manager of no longer existing non-profit  organization, with contacts reaching from United Kingdom and Slovakia, to Malaysia and Japan. When I was 22, studying for a Bachelor’s degree, I have written a book about journalism for  beginners. How to write, how not to write. With a very practical set of exercises for high school kids and students, designed by me. For years, the book ‘How to become a journalist’  has been re-printed by Astrum Publishing House several times. A few years later I  published a second book; it is a combined content from my BAs and Master’s dissertations. At the moment of launching this website, at the beginning of 2020, I’m  talking with publishing houses about my third book – all on the subject of company scaling, marketing strategy, in-house processes in  organizations.

I have always thought outside the box, always wanted to look for new solutions. Companies that hired me not always could appreciate that. I have worked for Polish and American companies – the difference in mentality, thought processes, approach to problem-solving and task management is visible. I have worked for several  organizations, being a member of marketing teams responsible for helping the sales department, marketing strategy generation, branding, content, scaling. My experience shows that a lot of things can be done differently, and it’s not only true for Polish firms. There are leaders that are clearly charismatic and can inspire people, but there is still a lot to do in that department. That’s why I wrote my third book.

That’s why, after years of gathering experience as an employee, I want to offer you my services as an independent consultant. All for the scaling of your company. All to build a solid and transparent image of your company as an employer, all to attract talents from the market.

budowanie wizerunku marki

I like to share knowledge, experiences, help in development. I do not only create content but most and foremost  – experiences. Employee experience, customer experience, your experience as a leader. I believe that business is not only about generation of profit – it’s about shared responsibility for common good. That’s why I promote created shared value (CSV) (link do zakładki Created shared value) as a real alternative for late  capitalism. I create narrations, write stories. I treat storytelling only as a tool though, as a method to get the message across, not a simple instrument of  persuasion. I help organizations create values, so we can all have things to write stories about.

I specialize in working for startups and big technology companies, but I’m not focused solely on them. I offer my services to both new and established companies from all industries. I believe that the value lies not in technology but people – their values, ideas, real solutions for clearly defined problems. I work for commercial companies and non-government organizations as well.

Live is not all about work, it’s also about passions. From my earliest years, I’m a huge fan of video games and pop culture, especially movies and TV series. One time I have even written scripts for three video games and hundreds articles about them for printed and digital magazines (Gramy!, PSX Extreme, Gamer). Not only reviews, but I also made journalistic pieces rooted in video games culture, and market analytics. I’m an active video game player since 1999, I live and breath the industry.

Besides business and writing content on its behalf, I read dozens books a year and write poetry. I have published three poetry books (Huevo, Światłocień, Z oddali – all by Cracow’s Miniatura Publishing House). I also love digital photography and history.

The website you are currently visiting, I have designed myself.

I approach each client’s needs individually and create a strategy to fit individual challenges.

The support doesn’t end with fulfillment of the contract. After created and implemented strategy or finished training, further consultations are possible. I will happily help you further and answer your questions.

Do you have a project for me? How can I help you?