My story

Dr. Max Goodwin from New Amsterdam hospital (a fictional character based on dr. Eric Manheimer from the Bellvue hospital in New York) has a catchphrase. The entire “New Amsterdam” TV series starts with it and runs throughout episodes. The phrase is “how can I help?”. Starting 2020, this catchphrase is my motto.

I started my company at the very beginning of the COVID-19 situation. When companies fired people, including marketing specialists, and others closed down, I decided to go for it and open something new. Why? During the 20-year period when I was employed and works as a freelancer, I have seen a lot. Ineffective processes, lack of knowledge, even competence. Lack of vision for companies’ growth, fighting market elements. Not always, that’s obvious. I have also worked for high-class specialists, but every time I felt necessary, I tried to help.

Then I have understood that working as an independent specialist is the best way to be effective. That’s why I recommend cooperation. I have worked closely with owners, CEOs, and boards, reporting directly to them. I know a lot about growing pains and mistakes that go with them. I also know a lot about chances and they are crucial.

I have worked on branding, rebranding, business scaling, and content strategy for multiple companies. I have created marketing and content strategies, built marketing departments from scratch, and trained junior specialists. I can help a lot. By developing crucial processes and integrating them into one ecosystem, I can make your company work for you, not the other way around. Some services you see in my offer (e.g. e-commerce growth in opposition to e-commerce platforms) I have introduced to the Polish market as an industry pioneer.

Hi, my name is Jaroslaw Scislak. I’m a political scientist, journalist and social communication expert by education.
I tell stories and build brands image for a living.

I believe in concentration on customer’s needs (customer-centricity and Customer-Centric Selling) and approaching problem solving involved in  product design based on understanding the needs of a single user. I also believe in finding ways to meet those needs (Design Thinking).

When I was 16, I was a Division Manager of no longer existing non-profit  organization, with contacts reaching from United Kingdom and Slovakia, to Malaysia and Japan. When I was 22, studying for a Bachelor’s degree, I have written a book about journalism for  beginners. How to write, how not to write. With a very practical set of exercises for high school kids and students, designed by me. For years, the book ‘How to become a journalist’  has been re-printed by Astrum Publishing House several times. A few years later I  published a second book; it is a combined content from my BAs and Master’s dissertations. At the moment of launching this website, at the beginning of 2020, I’m  talking with publishing houses about my third book – all on the subject of company scaling, marketing strategy, in-house processes in  organizations.

I have always thought outside the box, always wanted to look for new solutions. Companies that hired me not always could appreciate that. I have worked for Polish and American companies – the difference in mentality, thought processes, approach to problem-solving and task management is visible. I have worked for several  organizations, being a member of marketing teams responsible for helping the sales department, marketing strategy generation, branding, content, scaling. My experience shows that a lot of things can be done differently, and it’s not only true for Polish firms. There are leaders that are clearly charismatic and can inspire people, but there is still a lot to do in that department. That’s why I wrote my third book.

That’s why, after years of gathering experience as an employee, I want to offer you my services as an independent consultant. All for the scaling of your company. All to build a solid and transparent image of your company as an employer, all to attract talents from the market.

budowanie wizerunku marki

I like to share knowledge, experiences, help in development. I do not only create content but most and foremost  – experiences. Employee experience, customer experience, your experience as a leader. I believe that business is not only about the generation of profit – it’s about shared responsibility for the common good. That’s why I promote created shared value (CSV) (link do zakładki Created shared value) as a real alternative for late capitalism. I create narrations, write stories. I treat storytelling only as a tool though, as a method to get the message across, not a simple instrument of persuasion. I help organizations create values, so we can all have things to write stories about.

I specialize in working for startups and big technology companies, but I’m not focused solely on them. I offer my services to both new and established companies from all industries. I believe that the value lies not in technology but people – their values, ideas, real solutions for clearly defined problems. I work for commercial companies and non-government organizations as well.

Live is not all about work, it’s also about passions. From my earliest years, I’m a huge fan of video games and pop culture, especially movies and TV series. One time I have even written scripts for three video games and hundreds of articles about them for printed and digital magazines (Gramy!, PSX Extreme, Gamer). Not only reviews, but I also made journalistic pieces rooted in video games culture, and market analytics. I’m an active video game player since 1999, I live and breathe the industry.

Besides business and writing content on its behalf, I read dozens of books a year and write poetry. I have published three poetry books (Huevo, Światłocień, Z oddali – all by Cracow’s Miniatura Publishing House). I also love digital photography and history. I swim, dive, hike, and ride a bike.

The website you are currently visiting, I have designed myself.

I approach each client’s needs individually and create a strategy to fit individual challenges.

The support doesn’t end with fulfillment of the contract. After created and implemented strategy or finished training, further consultations are possible. I will happily help you further and answer your questions.

Do you have a project for me? How can I help you?