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17 October 2022

Who is an influencer?

Influencer is a thought leader. His or her internet activity make people trust this person. A campaign with an influencer boost product sales.
3 October 2022

Achieving business scalability. Practical tips

How to scale a business? Start with a unique selling point (USP) and optimize processes that will create and distribute it among your client base. An article full of practical tips!
15 September 2022

Let’s get on a first-name basis, i.e. what relationship marketing is all about

Thanks to relationship marketing you will build trust among your clients. In a long run, you will increase sales and gain loyalty, which is invaluable on the market.
3 September 2022

Team neurodiversity and competitive advantage on the market

Neurodiversity is strenght. It's about hiring people so their knowledge, reactions, and way of thinking complement each other. It spawns competitive advantage.
16 August 2022

Stand out or die – what is a product development strategy?

The selling process begins with product design. After that we have sales and marketing but constant iterations above all. How not to loose focus in all of this? Read an article with practical tips.
1 August 2022

[Case study] How to sell on Shopee?

Is selling on Shopee profitable? What can you learn from the giant and what marketing tricks deploy in your e-commerce?
14 July 2022

How to design a B2B sales funnel?

68% B2B clients like to educate themselves about products. Giving that, how to design a converting B2B sales funnel? Practical advice and mistakes made by sales and marketing.
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1 July 2022

Remarketing – what is it and how to get started?

Remarketing is adressed to people who visited your page but din't finalize the purchase. This article will help you get them back and increase sales.
27 June 2022

How to recruit passive candidates? Challenges and solutions

Recruitment of passive candidates is a challenge. It's about of identification of people's needs and expectations. Moreover, it's about customer value proposition (CVP) and empathy. A large article with practical tips!
13 June 2022

What is content marketing?

Content marketing helps increase sales. It also builds trust between consumers and a brand. You can achieve business goals through educational materials for your audience.
8 June 2022

My articles for business magazines – a source of knowledge and inspiration

My articles are often featured in digital business magazines. They are a good source of additional knowledge and inspiration. Find out for yourself!
2 June 2022

How to prepare a shop for Black Friday?

Do you want to increse sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? This article will help you in business operations, sales and marketing.