28 January 2021

Code & Pepper, my client and strategic partner with Forbes Diamond Award!

Code & Pepper got awarded with Forbes Diamond – an award for the fastest-growing companies in Poland. In a respected category, the company has got the 1st place locally, and 3rd in the country. Code & Pepper is a company that has been around for years. It specializes in software development for the FinTech and […]
1 March 2021

Social selling – how to sell on LinkedIn?

How to sell on LinkedIn? By sharing knowledge, building a brand and being patient. Read the article for practical tips!
17 February 2021

Consumer empathy – customer relationship management

Consumer empathy is a tool but also an element of a strategy. Most of all - it's a character trait of every modern brand. All for consumer's sake.
10 January 2021

How to introduce a new product to the market in 5 steps?

You have an idea for a product and want to sell the item? Or maybe you feel it’s time to enhance to offer of your company? No matter the situation and your internal motivations, the process of new product introduction is always similar and it’s not easy. What is worth remembering? How to guarantee yourself […]
Dom z papieru Netflix
28 April 2020

[Case study] What Spanish thieves told us about brands?

The "Money Heist" TV series by Netflix is a global phenomenon. It's a guilty pleasure that generates conclusions for fans and brands alike. Learn why it's so good to watch and what can you change in your company to sell more.
10 March 2020

Proptech as an element of a sustainable growth

Proptech, or property technology, is an app or set of apps that help manage mostly commercial properties. It optimizes operating costs, creates efficient administration, and falls into a global "green properties" trend.