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1 August 2022

[Case study] How to sell on Shopee?

Is selling on Shopee profitable? What can you learn from the giant and what marketing tricks deploy in your e-commerce?
14 July 2022

How to design a B2B sales funnel?

68% B2B clients like to educate themselves about products. Giving that, how to design a converting B2B sales funnel? Practical advice and mistakes made by sales and marketing.
2 June 2022

How to prepare a shop for Black Friday?

Do you want to increse sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? This article will help you in business operations, sales and marketing.
1 October 2021

How to increase sales? My practical tips on LinkedIn!

Knowledge, inspiration, practical tips. Every week on my original series #MarketingProTip on LinkedIn! Not only about sales and marketing. Also about branding, optimizing internal processes and more.
Social selling
1 March 2021

Social selling – how to sell on LinkedIn?

How to sell on LinkedIn? By sharing knowledge, building a brand and being patient. Read the article for practical tips!
Budowanie relacji z klientem
17 February 2021

Consumer empathy – customer relationship management

Consumer empathy is a tool but also an element of a strategy. Most of all - it's a character trait of every modern brand. All for consumer's sake.
10 January 2021

How to introduce a new product to the market in 5 steps?

You have an idea for a product and want to sell the item? Or maybe you feel it’s time to enhance to offer of your company? No matter the situation and your internal motivations, the process of new product introduction is always similar and it’s not easy. What is worth remembering? How to guarantee yourself […]
Co to jest wsparcie sprzedaży
9 March 2020

7 reasons why the sale is a part of an ecosystem

A sale is only the last link of a long chain, leading to generation of the revenue. Before you sell, invest in the education of the customer and mutually supported, internal processes.