My articles for business magazines – a source of knowledge and inspiration

June 8 2022

Aside from articles I publish on my blog, I also write for a few digital business magazines. There I publish pieces full of practical business knowledge and inspiration, useful for virtually any entrepreneur out there. Use them to your advantage!

You can see these articles in the Media section. Most of them are in Polish but some of them, especially those published in the “PMI Zone”, are in English. This is a magazine with pieces about project management and overall business management. There, I was highlighted two times. First, my article was the main piece of the month and the main topic on the cover. The second time around, in June 2022, I landed a cover once again, with a piece about HR processes. The article was considered one of the most interesting in the issue.

I say all of this for a reason. My knowledge and expertise far outweigh what I publish here. That’s why I try to spread the word out there, with regard to my personal time, naturally. If I have time for an additional article here and there, I’m going to write it. That’s why I encourage you to read these additional materials – it’s another source of practical and useful knowledge. 🙂