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Influencer marketing co to jest
17 October 2022

Who is an influencer?

Influencer is a thought leader. His or her internet activity make people trust this person. A campaign with an influencer boost product sales.
15 September 2022

Let’s get on a first-name basis, i.e. what relationship marketing is all about

Thanks to relationship marketing you will build trust among your clients. In a long run, you will increase sales and gain loyalty, which is invaluable on the market.
remarketing co to
1 July 2022

Remarketing – what is it and how to get started?

Remarketing is adressed to people who visited your page but din't finalize the purchase. This article will help you get them back and increase sales.
5 April 2022

Brief – what is it? Why it’s so important, and what should it include?

A brief is a document that lets me understand your business needs and product vision. We can work with out it but read this article for the smooth cooperation.
Autentyczność marki
1 September 2021

How to promote a brand? Bet on online and offline authenticity

You can promote a brand through effective strategy for the internet, including social media but you have to link it to offline presence. Check proven ways for promoting your brand.
psychologia kolorów w reklamie
2 May 2021

What is the meaning of colors in marketing?

Which colors are good for your brand and products? What are the things worth to remember?
Innowacje w biznesie
10 March 2020

What is the true nature of innovation?

Discover 10 reasons why the word "innovation" doesn't mean the same thing today, as it used to. This article has 10 proofs on why complex solutions are winning today's business world.