Content marketing – how to effectively use it?

August 3 2021

Co to jest content marketing
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Content marketing is about regular efforts to create valuable, attractive, and practical materials that will engage users. The outcome – they will buy your products. How to do it right?

This creates few questions for us.

What is content?

The most popular format for content is writing material, but let’s remember that there are lots of formats and it’s a good practice to use at least a few of them.

Writing is still very important. It’s valued by people that look for concrete information fast, and don’t have a lot of time to digest knowledge. It’s easier to scan the text with an eye than watch long minutes on YouTube with the hope of striking the right fragment. Written content is also very important when it comes to search engine marketing (SEM). 

Plus, content is easier to prepare. Everyone is hiring someone to write for them – content overload is a real problem. That’s why quality is so important. You can also reach for other formats, like:

  • webinars
  • video
  • podcats
  • infographics

What works the best, is mixing up these formats. For example – if you record a podcast, it’s a good practice to publish a transcription right next to the recording. Because of that, you will reach those that listen to you while driving a car, and those that like to read. Throw in some infographics, enhance movie clips with carefully crafted descriptions. Write a blog article based on a webinar.

Content formats and channels for their distribution have to be matched with the characteristics and needs of your target group. If you’ll have a gap between these two, it will be difficult to sell anything.

How to prepare a marketing content strategy for your brand?

While planning content, you have to think about the format but also about what exactly do you want to write about. Dusty DiMercurio, a director responsible for content marketing and social media at Autodesk, has proposed a classification method. He thought that content, in general, can be destined for the head, for the heart, and for the hand.

  • The content for the head is innovative and inspiring. It’s expert materials, written in highly professional language. The forecast or analyze trends and act as a trailblazer for new solutions. Thanks to these pieces, users will come back to you to stay at the top of their game.
  • The content for the heart is classic storytelling. These are stories written with a big emotional load that allows establishing a strong connection with the audience.
  • The content for the hand is a classic manual. They help with daily challenges. Thanks to them you get gratitude and trust. This is a step towards them becoming ambassadors of your brand, therefore increasing sales.

The problem is that new products are not that recognizable on a market. Customers are not aware of the value you are offering. For example: if you do have innovative software, people have to be aware of its advantages. They have to know what they can do with it. But remember – it has to be aimed at “hand”. Instead, you will have bland technical documentation.

From my previous blog entry, you will learn how to introduce a new product to the market.

By utilizing content marketing with this key in mind, you will prepare ground for consumer engagement. Not only “clicks” but also shares, comments below posts, links to your blog posts. Thanks to that, your content will live and expand long after it’s published. Your product will get closer to the audience.

Build a community with a valuable content

We live in times when content overload and constant noise cancel out nearly everything else. The key to success is quality, not quantity. To some, content creation can sound like an unnecessary investment, but if you’ll handle it with care, it will bear fruit for a long time to come.

By investing in quality and original content, you will create a community. By reacting to what you have to say, your audience will act as a natural tube for your brand.

If you’re interested in high-quality and professional content strategy, let’s talk!

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