Summary of my marketing services in 2021

December 20 2021

When I started my company, it was the dawn of 2020. There were more closing businesses than openings. I was ready to risk it all. It was a calculated risk, though. I knew that my offer was nicely balanced and interesting for clients. And it is. In two years, I have managed to generate regular customers, do a few interesting projects, and get really important propositions. It’s still only a beginning.

Projects’ status and my new services

Here’s what I was able to do in 2021:

  • I helped companies to kick off a marketing department and train marketing juniors. Twice.
  • I have created content (articles, blog posts, ebooks)
  • I have written scripts for explainer videos
  • I have written and published more than a dozen articles in digital magazines for businessmen and project managers
  • I have introduced the Polish market to groundbreaking subscription-based marketing services. This solution is second in a country and first when it comes to availability. It’s though-out, balanced, and offers premium quality to companies all over the world, not only in Poland.
  • After solid market research, I have also pioneered services of scaling and growth for e-commerce. The goal is to fight marketplaces like Amazon and prosper on your own terms. This is a groundbreaking service – first in Poland and maybe in the region as well. You can learn more about it by reading an extensive article, here.
  • I have partnered up with Tiny Moon Animation. Ladies will help me make animations for clients.
  • I have launched the #MarketingProTip initiative on LinkedIn. This will help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and scale sales.
  • I got a very interesting proposition from a company that works for the European Commission. I was to spearhead an IT project for them.

Unfortunately, I had to turn down the offer, you can read about it here. The rest of the projects have been realized.

Difficult clients and my approach

Some projects haven’t been realized and I want to talk about them. I got a phone call from a company that makes photovoltaics installations of private properties. The goal? Script creation for their explainer videos with a popular actor to a national TV broadcaster, TVP. The result? A no-go, because the client couldn’t even fill a brief. He didn’t know what he wanted, exactly.

Another situation – after a few weeks of cooperation, I parted ways with a company. I helped them by establishing a marketing department. People there weren’t ready (by and means, mental or organisation-wise) for the marketing setup. The cooperation wasn’t possible. What the company really needed, but didn’t realize, was something completely different. They needed business scaling services first. Which, but the way, I also do.

I have also cooperation with an interesting company. The co-owner is one of the richest Poles in the country. With the product that he has, he can single-handedly change the TSL industry all over the world. Not even joking right now. Here I was also responsible for setting up the marketing department. I quit when I found out that the company forces me to offer services I don’t have in my portfolio.

I simply don’t do everything. My offer is wide but finite. My skillset is big, but marketing is deep enough that there are guys with specializations so narrow I couldn’t possibly fit in all of them. I’m not a generalist, but I don’t know absolutely everything (there are guys that claim they do). I don’t want to know everything. If something is good for everything, it’s good for nothing. All I want to do is help you scale the business. Effectively and within a reasonable budget.

My plans for 2022

The last year clearly showed that you can run a company and make a living even in the COVID-19 situation. And even make some successes on the way. I’m not a marketer that wants to be visible by all and go from one industry even to another. I like to think of myself as a cover-ops guy. Just a little bit. I do my work, I like and appreciated the recognition, I believe I deserve it from time to time. But my goal is to work, not to shine in front of cameras.

I like what I have been able to accomplish so far in life. And if my newest project pans out, I could accomplish even more. I can’t talk about details yet, but it’s worth waiting.

I will also try to be more consistent when it comes to publishing my #MarketingProTip format. I launched it for entrepreneurs to serve them knowledge about scaling companies and generating sales. But there’s always something to do for the clients, so I can’t be held responsible if there is a slip off from time to time.

That’s why I publish only one article on my blog per month. I could publish twenty a month, but my clients are always more important than my own website. And I believe it’s profitable for me so far…