Marketing, PR, HR/EB strategy

Marketing, sales, public relations, human resources, and employer branding are one organism. Even if it doesn’t look like at first glance, in practice all these divisions work for one goal. Today you can sell the company and its products to the client, only when you publically show its values. Attract talents from the market, only when all important divisions in the company play to one goal, and sales plus marketing are two sides of the same coin. Closely working divisions under one  leadership.

A lot of leaders don’t think that way – knowledge and competencies are dispersed, dispersing effectiveness and accountability.

What I’m offering is a holistic perspective at the most important processes in the company and their composition or building them from the ground up, so your company can enjoy increasing effectiveness. I put an emphasis on achieving business goals and long-term, the positive impact of the strategy I made for the client. This strategy can be used by all previously mentioned teams and divisions. It’s important – today a lot of topics, competencies and collaborative efforts interpenetrates.

I’m a believer in a pre-emptive strike. Instead of reacting to trends, you have to invent them yourself. Your company can be a precursor to changes in your industry. However, if you want more settle approach, I will create a strategy that will be more preservative and to your liking.

What can I do for you?

  • Preapre an audit of an already existing strategy
  • Design a holistic marketing, public relations, human resources, employer branding strategy
  • Create or organize sales, marketing, and related processes
  • Create a product pricing strategy, product naming
  • Consult in Public relations and crisis management