Company scaling and business consulting

Every organization reaches the moment when the growth is both a Chance and a threat. What comes next is scaling – design its growth to secure its day-to-day operations and means to invest in innovations. I believe in long-term strategies, I will build one for you.

Only long-term strategies and investments in innovations guarantee survival and growth of your company. Naturally, the market is harsh and unpredictable, that’s why it’s a good idea to plan two-years forward at the most and make adjustments according to the needs. These types of operations work even better when are a part of a bigger picture.

skalowanie firmy

Long-term perspective
for your company means

  • A solid foundation for years or even decades and generations when it comes to succession in the company
  • A framework for the sales, marketing, public relations, human resources, and employer branding departments
  • A guide-post for all upcoming operations and tasks for your industrial designers, salesman, marketers, employees, and subcontractors to follow
  • Consistent values and image
  • A consistent product and service offers
  • A magnet for the best talents on the market and a reason to stay for already employed
  • Lower costs for future recruitment, „selling through the brand”
  • Company succession – the next generation will be managing the brand’s legacy, as opposed to designing it from scratch

You can achieve
market success by having

  • A clear and precise company’s mission and vision
  • Products and services answering real client’s needs
  • Internal processes allowing for effective operations
  • A communication strategy based on real benefits
  • Storytelling that will translate communication to sales
  • People that will believe in your vision, mission and will support you on the way to success

I help achieve business goals
– increased sales, lower costs. I create a brand’s image.
What can I do for you?

  • Scale company based on long-term goals and strategies
  • Prepare marketing strategy
  • Create communication and content strategy
  • Make audit of previous strategies and processes
  • Consult online – telco
  • Lead holistic training for approaching business and created shared value (CSV) for company owners, managers, marketing, human resources, and employer branding divisions

I approach each client’s needs individually and create a strategy to fit individual challenges.

The support doesn’t end with fulfillment of the contract. After created and implemented strategy or finished training, further consultations are possible. I will happily help you further and answer your questions.

Do you have a project for me? How can I help you?